HackDSC is a virtual student-run hackathon designed to inspire student developers across North America to create solutions for local community problems. We aim to unlock and harness the potential of future programmers, hackers, and designers, regardless of background, to create a meaningful impact in their local communities.


1. Accessibility: As we enter a time where technology is becoming more and more widespread and intertwined in everyday life, we must also make sure that technology is accessible to everyone regardless of ability.

2. Education: As universities and schools across North America move to virtual environments, students across the continent find themselves innovating and creating tools to support their education.

3. Healthcare: With the spread of major diseases such as the current COVID-19 pandemic and global lack of access to healthcare solutions, we aim to leverage modern technology to improve healthcare for everyone.

4. General: Not all problems and innovations can fit neatly into specific boxes, and so we’ve created a general theme for all of the unique solutions and submissions.

Best Use of GCP

6. Best use of UI Path

7. Best use of Blockstack

8. Best use of Mongo Atlas

9. Best use of Radar.io

10. Most Entrepreneurial Hack: Teams must be interested in continuing their hack post-event.

11. Best use of Agora SDK

12. Best Community Building Hack

13. Best use of Wolfram Language

14Best Domain Registered with Domain.com


Eligibility is any and all post-secondary/collegiate students


Your submission should consist of:

  • A link to a public GitHub repository

  • Please select an open-source license for your submission (e.g. MIT license). 

  • Please include a README.md with instructions for using your code. 

  • Answer the questions on the submission form about your idea, your implementation, and the potential impact. 

  • Create a short video to demonstrate the use of your tool. Please keep it under 3 mins. 

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$23,325 in prizes

Overall: First Prize

1. Google Prize Pack team member
2. 1 on 1 Time with Googler
3. $100 per team member

Overall: Second Prize

1. DSC Prize Pack per team member
2. $50 per team member

Overall: Third Prize

1. Nest Mini per team member
2. $50 per team member

Accessibility: First Prize

1. Google Prize Pack per team member
2. 1 on 1 Time with Googler

Accessibility: Second Prize

DSC Prize pack per team member

Accessibility: Third Prize

Nest Mini per team member

Healthcare: First Prize

1. Google Prize Pack per team member
2. 1 on 1 Time with Googler

Healthcare: Second Prize

DSC Prize pack per team member

Healthcare: Third Prize

Nest Mini per team member

Education: First Prize

1. Google Prize Pack per team member
2. 1 on 1 Time with Googler

Education: Second Prize

DSC Prize pack per team member

Education: Third Prize

Nest Mini per team member

Best of use of Agora SDK: First Prize (2)

$600 (split between team)

Most Entrepreneurial Hack

$1000 (split between team)
$10000 of Infrastructure Costs
Startup Mentorship & Grants

Best of use of Agora SDK: Second Prize

$300 (split in the team)

Best Use of Google Cloud: First Prize

4x Cloud Patagonia Backpacks, Google Nest Minis, Cloud Pillows, Cloud Trophies, and Cloud Water Bottles

Best Use of Google Cloud: Second Prize

Nest mini per team member

Best of use of Agora SDK: Third Prize

$100 split in the team

Best use of UI Path

UI Path Backpack per team member

Best use of Blockstack

BeatsX per team member

Best use of Mongo Atlas

AirCharge Plus per team member

Best use of Radar.io

Tile Smart Sticker per team member

Best Community Building Hack

Coaching for Y-Combinator

Best Use of Wolfram

Year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition
Year of Wolfram|Alpha Pro

Best Domain Registered with Domain.com

Domain.com Backpacks

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Daniel Fiorillo
Developer Student Clubs - USA Community Lead

Will Lifferth

Will Lifferth

Wesley Chun
Google Cloud - Developer Advocate

Ryan Matsumoto
Google Cloud - Developer Advocate

Andrea Wu

Andrea Wu
Google - Software Engineer

William Du

William Du
Agora.IO - Developer Community Manager

Ria Jiang

Ria Jiang

Zhao Weng

Zhao Weng

Kelsey D’souza

James Nguyen

James Nguyen

Madusha Cooray

Madusha Cooray
Developer Student Clubs - Canada Community Lead

Brian Lozano
Google Cloud

Aaron Yeats
Google Cloud

Judging Criteria

  • Presentation
    How did the hacker present their hack? Did they include details of the technology? Did they include a live demo? Did they talk about their inspiration? Do you understand the goal of their hack?
  • Implementation
    How did the hacker implement their idea? Did the technologies they used make sense for their idea? Did they make scalable options that leave them room for growth? Did they rely solely on external APIs or did they build a Unique Solution?
  • Usablility
    What is the user experience of their hack like? Did they take into account who their target audience was? Would you use their app? How simple was it to get started?
  • Concept
    Did they address a current concern that affects communities? Does their hack seem thought through? Did they consider any possible barriers users may face? Does their hack seem like it would create an Impact?
  • Accessibility
    Does their hack make resources, experiences,information or the world around them more accessible? Does it support people in need? Does it help people either in quarantine or with mobility/health concerns?
  • Education
    Does it help people learn and grow? Did they use technology to leverage the best educational impact? Is a difference being made?
  • Healthcare
    Did they consider medical situations? Does it improve well being of others or mitigate current problems? Does it use modern technology?

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